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Duración: 2 clases - 4 hs semanales - Horario:  Jueves 15 y 22 de junio de 16.00 a 20.00 hs - Plazas Limitadas -  Estas técnicas de texturizado despertarán tu creatividad, los tejidos baratos y aburridos se convertirán en tu fuente de inspiración para tus futuros proyectos de confección.


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Duration : 2 classes - 4 hours per week

Hours : Thursday, June 15 and 22, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Face-to-face modality: Limited places


direction ón: C/Robador 25-27, El Raval


In this course you will learn three techniques for texturing fabrics through the use of heat.
We will make a catalog of three samples where we apply the different techniques, later we will carry out the texturing of the fabrics that we will use to finally make a decorative cushion cover.


Our course is designed for all people interested in learning how to create
unique and original pieces through changing the texture of textile materials. It is necessary to have basic knowledge in the use of the sewing machine to make the cushion cover.


- These texturing techniques will awaken your creativity, cheap and boring fabrics will become your source of inspiration for your future clothing projects.
- In addition to taking with you a catalog that you can always consult and a cushion to decorate that special space in your home, you will also leave full of experiences and
Shared learning with the group.


The classes are 100% practical.


- Through experimentation, advised by the workshop leader, you will be presented with the different techniques, the types of fabrics in which they can be applied and their different effects, while we are creating the catalog of our samples.

- Once creativity has been awakened with the wide variety of fabric texturing possibilities, we will plan the design of our cushion and the texturing of the necessary fabrics.

- Finally, with the base templates provided by the workshop owner, we cut and make our cushion cover.


- Pins
- Marbles, small coins, wooden blocks or any heat resistant piece
- Small chicken rubber bands or elastic thread for easy tying
- Thread to sew on the machine
- 2-3 small candles depending on the number of students


- Scissors to cut fabric
- Sewing machine
- Iron
- Pot with lid to boil water
- Hair dryer
- Portable electric cooker
- Small basin or plastic bucket


Daniela Cervantes González. Textile designer.

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