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Protección, diseño y confort.

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Anni Albers is the pioneering German textile artist in the Bauhaus movement. She made her way in a masculinized world and was recognized for her innovative creations called “pictorial fabrics”. Exiled by Nazism, she settled in the USA and in 1949 she became the first designer to hold an exhibition at MOMA.

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  • Material and Design : Mask-Necklace handmade with approved cotton fabrics. It is very light and comfortable, due to its type of clothing it does not damage the ears. The unique and innovative bird's beak design that allows greater breathability.
  • Technical sheet: These masks comply with the European regulations for medical devices. UNE-ISO-12945-2 standards. It resists 60 washes maintaining its properties. Water-repellent (96% effectiveness) and Antibacterial (93% effectiveness).
  • Washing mode: The masks are reversible, so it is essential to wash by turning them inside out and ironing for 15 seconds to activate the water-repellent and antibacterial properties.
  • Size details : They are one size and unisex. The necklace is 36 cm. The bag to store it is 13 x 16 cm and has a seal to hang it.
  • Uses : The Mask-Collar is an ideal accessory for daily use, with the guarantee of protection, design and comfort. The pendant allows you to always have it with you and not forget it.