CREADONESS | Llavero Antiestrés | Sayagata Kuroi
Tote Bag hecha de algodón de color negra. Tiene una estampa que cubre el lado derecho con un diseño japonés de flores color grises y tonalidades doradas. Del lado contrario tiene una estampa con el mismo diseño. Tiene un bolsillo exterior liso de diseño japones. Posee dos asas de cuerina negra de 70 cm.

Ikigai Kuro

Práctico y ligero.

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Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning "the reason for living" or "the reason for being." Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search, considered of great importance in Japanese culture, since the discovery of the Ikigai itself is believed to bring satisfaction and meaning to life.

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  • Material : This Tote Bag is a fabric bag that is handmade, made of soft cotton canvas and is reversible. It is a very light accessory and due to its type of design and manufacture it is a unique and durable piece.
  • Capacity : Due to its depth it has a great use of space. On the inside they are solid color, it contains a printed pocket for the mobile phone and a cord to hold the keys.
  • Size details: Measurement is 36 cm x 40 cm; the drop of the handles is 70 cm. Outer pocket 20 cm; 21 cm deep inner pocket.
  • Washing mode: It is recommended to wash by hand with lukewarm water for the best conservation of the fabric. Avoid leaving soaking for many hours.
  • Uses: The Tote Bag is an original, comfortable and practical accessory for daily use such as going to work, traveling, shopping or going to the bar.