SSE Social Program

Social Sustainability

The Creaness Social Program was born four years ago with the aim of promoting textile entrepreneurship, and generating new social and employment opportunities for women in vulnerable situations within a framework of inter-cooperation, based on the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy (ESS).

Women work on their empowerment from different aspects: symbolic, physical and economic, integrating different formations, which allow them to consider a new way of acting socially and at work.

For six months we stimulate creative potential through therapeutic art accompaniment and the development of entrepreneurial skills through the Theater of the Oppressed tool.

At the same time, the women learn the theoretical bases of social entrepreneurship and sewing training.

Once the training is complete and the quality standards are met, they are incorporated into the production phase for the brand associated with the program, thus contributing to the community micro-economy.

The program takes place at Espai La Trugua and our sewing workshop.

Environmental sustainability

At the Creadoness Brand we are committed to the uniqueness of each textile object, as is every woman who makes it and who buys it. The products are unique pieces, handcrafted.

The original designs are provided by our sewing teacher and are made by the women's group at Creadoness.

We work in limited series with timeless and functional patterns that flee from throwaway trends, turning accessories into little treasures in your closet and able to be used over time.

We work with 100% cotton materials, 30% is recycled, in this way we give a second life to the fabrics.

We use 0 waste pattern making: we combine the elaboration of the patterns of the pieces in such a way as not to generate textile waste.

Creaness productions are a framework that combines design, quality and social and environmental commitment.

With your purchase you contribute to generating a new model of making and dressing.