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Duration : 1 month - 3 hours per week - Renewable throughout the year.

Hours : Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Face-to-face modality : Limited Places - Materials Included -

Inscription :

direction Location: C/Robador 25-27, El Raval


You will learn to create, repair, modify and transform your old garments into new ones.

You will discover a unique way to recycle old clothes creating in a more sustainable way, since our future also depends on our intelligence when it comes to treating textile waste.


This course is designed both for people who are passionate about textiles and do not have experience, as well as for professionals in the fashion sector.


What differentiates upcycling from other forms of recycling is that the resulting product

It has greater value than the original, since creativity plays a fundamental role in the process.

The main benefits of upcycling focused on the use of garments:

- Extends the life of those we no longer use.

- Puts a stop to unnecessary consumption.

- Reduces the consumption of raw materials.

- Provides added value to the garments that are going to be discarded.


- Turning your old jeans into a trendy jacket or an old sweater into a trendy top is a new way of looking at old/used clothes.

- One of the most surprising elements of this course is that no experience in sewing is needed, since recycled fashion can be created without prior knowledge.

- The students will finish the course with the feeling that if they want something new they can create it themselves without spending money, or without visiting a store. That will change the way they shop, and ultimately the way they view their own textile waste.


The classes are 100% practical. Instruction is individualized and flexible. All our trainings are carried out by professionals within their disciplines and extensive experience in teaching.


- Deconstruct a garment and reassemble it using key parts of said garment.

- They will have several project options that will adapt to their experience.

- Once each garment is completely deconstructed, the students will determine, with the help and advice of the teacher, which key elements of the garment they would like to keep and which pieces they want to discard.

- Selected pieces are reassembled creating a completely different garment. Discarded pieces serve as additional fabric to embellish the finished garment.

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