CREADONESS | Llavero Antiestrés | Sayagata Kuroi
Duración: 1 mes - 3 hs semanales - Renovable todo el año.                                                                                          -Conocer técnicas de bordado, boro y remendado para aplicarlas a la reparación de textiles: ropa, textiles variados; a través de ejercicios y orientación a proyectos e intereses personales. -Comprender los aspectos técnicos y de ejecución de cada tipo de técnica a través de un muestrario.


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Duration : 1 session - 4 hours

Hours : Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Face-to-face modality: Limited Places - Materials Included


Address : C/Robador 25-27, El Raval


In this course you will learn embroidery techniques applied to the repair of textiles: clothing or other textiles to be repaired. You will learn patching techniques, Japanese boro, embroidery stitches and patches to apply them to a textile piece. With this learning you will enter the world of recycling and textile sustainability through the repair of broken fabrics or textiles with sophisticated finishes.


This course is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge of textile upcycling and people linked to the field of fashion design, textile art and people without previous experience who are passionate about learning something new.


-Know embroidery, boro and mending techniques to apply them to the repair of textiles: clothing, various textiles; through exercises and orientation to projects and personal interests.
-Understand the technical and execution aspects of each type of technique through a sample book.
-Apply initially the techniques learned to a personal textile repair project.


The classes are 100% practical. Instruction is individualized and flexible. all our
Trainings are carried out by professionals within their disciplines and extensive experience in teaching.


- Introduction to recycling and textile repair: uses and examples of use in fashion.

- Recognition of materials and tools.

- Sampler of points and repair techniques.

- Design and application in textiles: clothing or other fabrics.


Nicole Betancourt Lisperguer.
Textile artist, clothing designer and weaver.
Academic training as a literature teacher, master's degree in philosophy, postgraduate degree in contemporary applied arts, textile mention and currently as a student of Textile Art at the Escola Massana.
From a family of artists, craftsmen and designers. Her itineraries begin with teaching and research in the field of literature and philosophy where she developed her interests in popular art, aesthetics, and feminism to later begin to study and investigate textiles as a social document, and its links with the text. Carrying out investigative work as a weaver and textile scholar in Chile, Bolivia and Spain.

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