CREADONESS | Llavero Antiestrés | Sayagata Kuroi
Llavero de algodón de color negro con estampado de flores rojas. Su medida es de 14 cm y por su diseño permite colocarlo en la muñeca.

Kiku Aka

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Kiku means "Chrysanthemum". Its name comes from the Greek words "Chrysos" which means "Gold" and "Anthos" which means "Flower", that is to say "The golden flower." In the Asian tradition, it represents longevity and happiness. It is especially revered and used in important ceremonies.

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  • Material: This Keychain is handmade in Spain with 100% soft cotton herringbone ribbon. Due to its type of design and clothing, it is a unique and durable piece.
  • Size details: The measurement is 15 cm.
  • washing mode: It is recommended to wash by hand with cold water for the best conservation of the fabric. Avoid leaving soaking for many hours. We do not recommend the use of the automatic washing machine. Do not clean with petroleum-based products (neutral/synthetic detergent). Iron on a cloth, to preserve the quality of the print.
  • Applications: The key ring is a practical accessory to carry your keys with a glam touch. It is designed to be attached to your wrist.